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HOODED: a film by Myles Loftin

This project is so beautiful and a reminder of what's missing from the depiction of black boys and black men in media. Tenderness, sweetness, sensitivity, emotion, humanity. Here's an interview with the director and photographer, Myles Loftin. And here is his wonderful body of work.

An excerpt from Loftin's description of the project:

“Society’s standards placed against black males need to be erased because they are extremely harmful and divisive. It contributes to the reason black males are targeted more by police, why we receive longer jail sentences than our white counterparts and the discrimination that we receive. This project seeks to understand where these negative portrayals come from, and how we can change them for a better future. Also, by reversing the portrayals of black and white males this project seeks to understand how the perception of both will change depending on how they are depicted.”

Carissa Hempton